Indoor Soccer 2022 – 2023

Youth from ages 4 – 18 (2004 – 2018 birth years)

**All divisions will be playing on the turf field in Baltimore – no more gym floors but actual simulated grass turf for all!**

Adults from age 19 and up (born 2003 or earlier)

Registration Fee is $185/per player

Players must wear indoor running shoes or indoor turf shoes and shin guards

Club provides jerseys for all players

You can register for Indoor Soccer by clicking HERE.


Indoor Soccer 2022 – 2023

Youth from ages 4 – 18 (2004-2018 birth years) Adults from ages 19 and up (born in 2003 or earlier)

Our Indoor Soccer Season will start the week of November 6th 2022. Registration fee is $185/player.
If you are new to Indoor Soccer, it is a fun and fast paced game which builds Outdoor Soccer skills, particularly ball handling and control. A smaller net is used and the ball may be played off the walls, each player is involved in the game. Parents will enjoy being close to the action as they view the games.
Equipment costs are minor as the only items needed are shin guards and non-marking running shoes or indoor turf soccer shoes. A jersey will be provided.
We wish to thank in advance those who volunteer as coaches and conveners, and as sponsors. Please complete the online Volunteer Application form on your Northumberland Soccer Power Up account if you are able to help out.
Permanent Rule Change for Indoor: There will be a strictly enforced 4-touch rule for all players ages U7 to U18. This was first implemented last year and allowed for all players in the turf to actually be a part of the play and touch the ball. Movement off the ball was much improved and players overall awareness of their team and who they can pass to next was so much better.
Heather Junkin – Northumberland Indoor Soccer Director

2022-2023 Indoor Divisions, Game Days & Locations
Please note the Game Day is subject to change
Division Birth Year Game Day Location
U5 2017-2018 Sundays 10/11 OR 12 Baltimore Rec TURF
U7 2015-2016 Sundays 10/11 OR 12 Baltimore Rec TURF
U9 2013-2014 Monday 6pm OR Tuesday 6 or 7 pm Baltimore Rec TURF
U11 2011-2012 Thursday 6/7/8 pm Baltimore Rec TURF
U13 2009-2010 Wednesday 6/7/8 pm Baltimore Rec TURF
U15 2007-2008 Monday  7/8pm Baltimore Rec TURF
U18 2004-2006 Tuesday 8/9pm Baltimore Rec TURF
Women 2003 and up Sunday 6/7pm Baltimore Rec TURF
Men 2003 and up Sunday 8/9 pm Baltimore Rec TURF


House League Schedule

To find out which team you are on you and your schedule for indoor you will need to log into your PowerUp account.