All coaches for Development and Youth Competitive teams must complete the following courses:

Respect in Sport

The Respect in Sport program was introduced in 2011 to provide coaches with invaluable information about coaching and essential approaches around working with youngsters in an appropriately respectful and nurturing coaching environment. RIS is an e-learning program for coaches, trainers, managers and any adult with a supervisory role over youth involved in soccer. It is designed as a tool to assist participants in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying in sport.

The online course costs $30 and the curriculum is broken into six (6), 30 minute modules and includes audio/visual presentaions, quizzes and printable handouts. Another beneficial feature of the program is that it does not need to be done all at once; it can be completed at your leisure. All competitive-level coaches must complete the “Respectin Soccer” program. We are hoping that coaches will recognize the long-tern value of the program because of the values it promotes and also what it teaches regarding important practical guidelines for youth coaches.

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  1. Time Commitment. The course will take an estimated 3 hours with the delegate’s RIS accreditation updated immediately upon completion in the Soccer Registry.
  2. Availability/Access. The RIS option is internet based so it allows participants to complete the certification at a time and place that is convenient to them. The participant may complete the certification in segments over a maximum 30 day time period.
  3. Flexablity. Delegates can access the RIS online course at any time (by way of user name and password), therefore have the option of being able to complete one module at a time.
  4. E-Learning Platform. This is an introduction to the capabilities of training delegates, with online tools and resources, the course contains many handouts which remain accessible after the course is completed. If a paper copy of any of the documents or the accreditation is required it can be printed from the site.
  5. Sport Specific. RIS is specific to soccer. However the learning principles within are common to anyone acting as a sport leader. The consensus is that many of our volunteers coach/assist in other sports. The need to education our sport leaders is of significant importance.


The Ontario Soccer Association is committed to promoting positive behaviour on and off the soccer field through the support of Coaches, Parents, Players, Volunteers and Officials. Respect is the communal responsibility of each participant in soccer to create an evironment that is both safe and enjoyable for all who take part.

Making Ethical Decisions

Make Ethical Decisions (MED) is a course that is required for all coaches in the development and Competitive program.

Coaches are required to attend the mandatory in-class MED course which runs approximately 3 hours in length. This course is an NCCP course adn will shou up on Coaches transcipts on NCCP’s “The Locker”

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Notes from Coaching Association of Ontario to the OS:

Please be aware that the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions (MED) training can take up to 15 days after course completion to appear on a coaches transcript. If possible, you should advice coaches to complete this course at least 15 days prior to having to have their books stamped.

If a coach has completed the course and needs to have their book stamped immediately ie, They are coaching the next day, the association or adminstrative organization stamping the books can contact us the (CAO) for temporary proof of completion.

The CAO does not issue certificates upon completion of the course. A coach can print their transcript directly from the Locker.

OSA Coaching Certifications:

Fundamentals – U8
Learn to Train – U9, U10, U11, U12
Soccer for Life – U13 and older

To search and register for one of the courses you must go to and create a coach profile if you do not already have one. Once you login to the centre you can search for courses and register for them. All fees are to be paid by the participant and will be refunded back after the completion of the course to all Northumberland Soccer Club coaches. Submit receipt with an Expense Sheet to the club and a cheque will be mailed to you.

Indoor Soccer – Small Space TrainingIndoor Soccer 2018 – Tips and Strategies

Red Bull Skills Assessment Program

Skills Challenge Overview & Score Tables






Goal Keeper Training Sessions:

Goal Keeping:




Technical & Tactical:

Active Start Training Session U4 & U5

Fundamentals Training Session U6, U7 & U8

Learn to Train Training Session U9, U10, U11 & U12

Soccer for Life Training Session U13 and older

Grassroots Coaching Magazine

Grassroots Coaching

Issue 1
Fun & Games – Ice Monster

U7/U8 Session: Ball Control

U8 Session: Dribbling

U10 Session: Passing & Shooting

U12 Session: Shooting

U14 Session: 2v1 – Wall Pass

Goalkeepers – Starting Position

Issue 2

Fun Games to Teach Skill – Sharks!!

Coaching U6 Players

U7/U8 Session: Passing

U10 Session: Passing With the Outside of Foot

U12 Session: Ball Control with Chest

U14 Session: 1v1 Attacking

Defending Easy As 1, 2, 3

Goalkeepers Session: Narrowing Angles

Issue 3
Fun Games to Teach Skill – Spider Tag
U7/U8 Session: Scoring
U10 Session: Feints – Fake Pass
U12 Session: Diving Headers
U14 Session: 2v1 Overlaps
Goalkeepers Sessions: Back Passes

Issue 4
Fun Games to Teach Skill – Hungry, Hungry, Hippo
U7/U8 Session: Kicking Technique
U10 Session: Support Play
U12 Session: Priciples of Attack
U14 Session: Playing with Speed
Goalkeepers Sessions: Low Balls

Issue 5
Fun Games to Teach Skill – Follow the Leader
U8 Session: Control
U10 Session: Possession and Support
U12 Session: Feints – Fake Pass
U14 Session: Finishing Under Pressure
Goalkeepers Session: Breakaways

Simple Soccer

Warm Up

Forward Passing Practice

Point of Attack

Skill Competition

Set plays

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Northumberland Soccer Club

Player skill sets/Game knowledge

The following skill sets are guidelines that coaches can use to aid in practice plans at all levels based on age. Although some players will surpass these, the average player should find these challenging at their age group. They are not limiting. A coach may wish to add to these and or teach higher skill sets to players if he/ she is knowledgeable enough to determine that it is safe and appropriate to do so. Heading for instance is not to be taught below U9.

U6 / U7

Running with the ball under control

Passing/Receiving (using inside of feet)

Stopping the ball (inside & sole of foot)

Turning with the ball (inside of feet)

Shooting (discourage toe punting, pass the ball into the goal)

Allow players to handle ball during warm up exercises and some games (tag etc)

Goal kicks/Ball in and out of play (kick ins only)


Ball control (multiple surfaces)

Turning with Ball (inside & outside of feet)



Sweeper/keeper / Referees

Throw ins


Trapping (foot, thigh, chest)

1v1 / 2v1 / 3v1

Crossing (Intro)

Corner kicks


U10 / U11

Heading (very light, use ball nets)

Reinforce all earlier skills (especially individual ball skills)

Moves that can be accomplished at game speed (shoulder feint etc)


Individual defending



Crossing (inswingers & outswingers)

Free kicks (Intro)

Penalty kicks

U12 / U13

Group defending (2 & 3player)

Chipping (Lofted pass)

Wall pass

Bending the ball

Creating space

Team shape

Shadow play

Dead ball organization

U14 / U15

Reinforce all earlier skills

Team strategies


U16 / U18

All skills


Set plays

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