Northumberland United 2021 development/competitive season tryouts will begin September 22nd. Please confirm your child’s attendance by logging into your PowerUp Account and completing the tryout registration. There will be a $15.00 fee to cover the costs of field lining, insurance and administrative costs relating to tryouts.

Age Coach Tryout 1 Tryout 2 Tryout 3
U8G Club Coach Sept 30th 6-7 pm Grant Sine Field Oct 3rd 11:30-12:30 pm    Grant Sine Field
U8B Alex Gordon Sept 30th 5-6 pm   Rotary Field 3 Oct 3rd 11:30-12:30 pm    Rotary Field 3
U9G Club Coach Sept 30th 6-7 pm   Grant Sine Field Oct 3rd 11:30-12:30 pm    Grant Sine Field
U9B Club coach March 1th Baltimore Turf 6-7 pm  
U10G Jim Maier Sept 28th   6-7pm    James Cockburn field Sept 30th  6-7 pm    James Cockburn field Oct 3rd  9-10 am JC field
U10B Darren Murphy Sept 29th 5:30-6:30 pm    Grant Sine Field Oct 3rd    10-11 am   Grant Sine Field
U11G Chad Boundy Oct 1st 6-7 pm    CCC1 field Oct 3rd   11-12 pm   CCC1 field
U11B Lee Jones Sept 30th   6-7 pm   Rotary 1 field Oct 7th    6-7 pm   CCC1 field  
U12G Adam Fulton Sept 30th   6-7 pm   CCC1 field Oct 1st  6-7 pm  Rotary 1 field Oct 7th 6-7 pm CCC 1 field
U12B Justin Kerr Oct 1st 6-7:15 pm Rotary 2 field Oct 3rd 10-11:30 am Rotary 2 field
U13G Jonathan Prince Oct 1st    6-7 pm    Lions 1 field Oct 3rd    10-11:30 am   Legion field  
U13B Chris Jones Sept 29th    6-7 pm    Legion field Oct 1st   6-7 pm   Legion field
U14B Club Coach Sept 28 6-7 pm Lions 1 field Sept 30 6-7 pm Lions field 1  
U15G Simon Reid Oct 3rd   10-11:30 am   Lions 1 field Oct 4th   3-4:30 pm    Lions 1 field  
U15/U16B Paul Mooney Sept 27th 1 pm Rotary 1 Field Oct 3rd Rotary 1 Field
U17G/U18 Dan Hogan Sept 28th    6-7 pm    Legions field Oct 4th   11-12 pm    Legion field